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Converter soft start energy-saving

Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

1: motor hard starting have a serious impact on the grid, but also the capacity is too high, started the large currents and vibrations of damper and valve's devastating, extremely prejudicial to the useful life of equipment, piping. After the use of frequency conversion energy saving devices, using the soft-start feature will make the starting current of the inverter from scratch, maximum value not to exceed the rated current, reducing the impact on the power grid and power supply capacity needs, extending the life of equipment and valves. Save the cost of the maintenance of the equipment.

2: from theory told, frequency device can with in all with motor of mechanical equipment in the, motor in started Shi, current will than rated high 5-6 times of, not only will effect motor of using life and consumption more of power. system in design Shi in motor selection Shang will left has must of allowance, motor of speed is fixed not variable, but in actual using process in the, sometimes to to lower or high of speed run, so for frequency transformation is often necessary of. Inverter motor soft starting, compensating power factor

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