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Development of frequency converter

Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

1: the entire high-voltage inverter continues explosive growth in the market, my inverter brand already covers almost all areas, and international brand price/performance advantages. Within funding high pressure frequency device of market accounted for than has over 55%. from Enterprise ranking see, collection Kang frequency growth 13.2%, market accounted for than 13%, has among industry first of location; lidehuafu market accounted for than 12%, and Siemens accounted for than 11%, and ABB accounted for than 9%, and East Hitachi accounted for than 5%. country electric four development speed more fast, 2012 growth 44%, industry accounted for than close 5%.

2: the high-voltage inverter in the Chinese market has a broad space for development, along with market expansion and diversification of client demand, domestic frequency converter products function in continuous improvement and increased integration and systematization of more and more high.

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