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Inverter functions

Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

Inverter energy mainly in the fan and pump applications. In order to ensure the reliability of the production, a variety of production machines when design is equipped with power-driven, have a certain amount of surplus. When the motor is not running at full capacity, in addition to meet the power requirements, the extra torque increase power consumption, resulting in waste of electricity. Fans, pumps and other equipment the traditional timing method is by adjusting the inlet or outlet dampers, valves open to adjusting to the wind and the water, the input power, and a large amount of energy consumed in the bezel, the process of the closure of the valve. When the inverter is used, if flow requirements decreased by lowering the speed of the pump or fan to meet the requirements.

Motor inverter's function is to speed and reduce starting current. In order to generate a variable voltage and frequency, the device first to AC is converted to DC power (DC), this process is called rectification. The direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) device, the scientific term for "inverter" (inverter). General DC power inverter is the inverse to a certain fixed frequency and voltage of the inverter. For inverse frequency adjustable, adjustable voltage inverter, we are known as a converter. Simulated sine wave inverter output waveform, is mainly used in three-phase asynchronous motor speed, also known as variable-frequency speed regulator. For use primarily in instrumentation test equipment of high wave in variable frequency inverter, to finishing a waveform, you can output standard sine wave, called variable frequency power supply. Variable frequency power supply is 15--20 times the inverter prices. Due to inverter equipment does cause changes in the voltage or frequency of the main device called the "inverter", so the product itself was named "inverter", namely: the inverter.

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