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Inverter what anti-jamming measures

Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

Anti-jamming measures: travels through radiation interference signal, primarily through the wiring and the radioactive source and to shield the disturbed line way to weaken. By line-borne interference signals, mainly by retrofitting at the inverter input and output side filter, reactors or magnetic loops to deal with. Specific methods and points for attention are as follows:

(1) the signal line and power line intersecting or tank wiring.

(2) do not use wires of different metals to each other.

(3) shielding tube (layer) reliable grounding and to ensure continuous and reliable grounding the entire length.

(4) the signal circuit to be used in twisted-pair shielded cable.

(5) the shield ground point as far as possible from inverter, and separated from the inverter grounding.

(6) the magnetic ring can inverter input power and output cable for use on the specific method is: together in the same direction around the line input 4 laps, and outputs a line proceeding in the same direction around the 3 laps. Coiling cautioned that the magnetic ring close to the inverter as far as possible.

(7) General the jamming equipment, shielding and anti-jamming measures can be taken.

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