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Principle of the inverter

Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016


Use the led converter, it transformed into a DC power supply frequency power. Can also be used for two set of transistor converter reversible converter, because the power is reversible, can recycling operation.

Smoothing circuit

In the rectified DC voltage of the rectifier, contains 6 times the frequency of the power supply voltage fluctuation, also current ripple of inverter DC voltage changes. In order to suppress voltage fluctuations, inductance and Capacitance to absorb fluctuating voltage (current). Capacity hours, if the amount of power the primary circuit and the device can save inductor using simple smoothing circuit.


Instead with rectifier, inverter is a DC power converters for the required frequency of AC power, to determine the time for the 6 switch breakover, turn-off could get 3 phase AC output. A case study of voltage source PWM inverter switches are shown time and voltage waveform.

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