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According To The Principle Of Relay Or Structure Characteristics
Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

1) electromagnetic relays: input circuit circuit in electric magnet core work for the suction of the armature electrical relays.

2) solid state relays: the means of electronic components to perform its function without mechanical moving components, input and output isolation of a relay.

3) temperature relay: when the outside temperature reaches a given value of relay action.

4) Reed relays: the use of sealed in a tube, shock springs and armature magnetic Double Reed moves to open, close or convert the line relays

5) time relays: when adding or removing input and output part delay or limit to the time you want to close or disconnect the charged line relays.

6) high-frequency relay: used to switch high-frequency, RF circuits and relays with minimum loss.

7) relay polarization: polarized magnetic fields and control comprehensive effects of the magnetic field produced by the current through the coil and relay. Relay operation depends on to control the direction of current flowing in the coil.

8) other types of relays: relays, relays, thermal relays, meters relays, Hall effect relays, differential relays.

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