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Automatic Lubrication F-DIAO Milling Machine Design
Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 11, 2017

    F-DIAO engraving and milling machine various types of machine adopts integrated design, the main parts are made of high quality gray cast iron casting machine, beam column the bold thickening casting a-yong. Feidiao engraving machine has the following advantages: small footprint, can avoid the split because of the number of years after a long part of machine tool electric appliance loosening, short circuit failure, can greatly improve the processing efficiency.

The characteristics of feidiao engraving and milling machine:

1 beam movement, the table does not move, the workpiece can reach more than 5 tons.

2 cross beam movement, the machine tool running inertia is small, the service life of the machine tool is greatly improved.

3 improve the surface finish of the machined surface.

The 4 main feidiao engraving and milling machine worktable for high strength castings, ductile iron body, shock absorption, stability.

5 high precision screw guide rail, automatic lubrication design, good effect.

6 high speed motorized spindle, large clamping tool, import or domestic optional.

7 imported CNC system, closed loop control, can be three axis or four axis linkage, but also the four axis of the three linkage.

F-DIAO engraving and milling machine is based on the original DC7070, increased rail screw and stroke, increase the spindle power, using high precision roller linear guide, can also be more rigid, precision machining with a knife, a new generation of control system configuration and operating platform. Feidiao engraving and milling machine is processing tool set one set of knives, knife.Drilling hole EDM machine

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