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CNC Drilling Machine Monitoring And Compensation Methods
Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 23, 2017

With the rapid development of China's economy. CNC drilling machine as a new generation of work of the machine, in the machinery manufacturing has been widely used, the rapid development of precision machining technology and parts processing accuracy continues to improve, for the accuracy of CNC drilling machine also put forward higher requirements. Customers in the purchase of CNC drilling machine, are very valued machine tool position accuracy, in particular, the positioning accuracy of each axis and repeat the positioning accuracy.

At present, China's CNC drilling machine location accuracy of the test is usually used international standard IS0230-2 or national standard GB10931-89 and so on. The same machine, due to the use of different standards, so the accuracy of the location is not the same, so the choice of CNC drilling precision indicators, but also pay attention to its use of the standard. CNC drilling machine position standard usually refers to the number of CNC axis positioning accuracy and reverse bias.

CNC drilling machine positioning accuracy of the detection:

The measurement accuracy of positioning is mostly based on the detection and processing of multi-machine detection by dual frequency laser interferometer. The laser interferometry is used to measure the laser real-time wavelength. Therefore, the measurement accuracy and the application range are improved. The detection method is as follows:

1. Install dual frequency laser interferometer;

2. Install the optical measuring device in the direction of the machine axis to be measured;

3. Adjust the laser head so that the measuring axis is collinear or parallel to the machine's moving axis, and the optical path is pre-aligned;

4. After the laser preheat input measurement parameters;

5. According to the specified measurement procedures sent to the machine for measurement;

6. Data processing and output.

Compensation of positioning accuracy of CNC drilling machine:

CNC drilling machine positioning accuracy compensation is now through the RS232 interface to the computer and the machine CNC controller connected with VB prepared by the automatic calibration software to control the laser interferometer and CNC machine tools to work together to achieve the accuracy of CNC drilling machine positioning automatic detection and automatic pitch error Compensation, the compensation method is as follows:

1. Back up the existing compensation parameters in the CNC control system;

2. A machine CNC program for point-by-point positioning accuracy measurement is generated by a computer and sent to the CNC system.

3. Automatically measure the positioning error of each point;

4. According to the set of compensation points to produce a new set of compensation parameters, and sent to the CNC system, automatic pitch compensation is completed;

5. Repeat the accuracy verification.

Positioning accuracy is an important indicator of CNC drilling machine, although the customer can choose to choose when the accuracy of small error of small machine tools, but with the equipment into the use of the longer time, the more equipment wear and tear, resulting in machine tool positioning error is growing , Which has a fatal impact on the processing and production of parts. The above method can be used to measure and compensate the reverse deviation and positioning accuracy of the coordinate axes of the machine. It can reduce or eliminate the adverse effect of reverse deviation on the precision of the machine, improve the positioning accuracy of the machine and make the machine in the best Precision state, thus ensuring the quality of parts processing.

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