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CNC Milling Machine In Various Forms
Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2017

CNC milling machine is in the general milling machine developed on the basis of an automatic processing equipment, the two processing technology is basically the same, the structure is also somewhat similar. CNC milling machines are divided into two categories without a magazine and a magazine. One of the CNC milling machine with a magazine is also known as a machining center.

CNC milling machine in various forms, different types of CNC milling machine in the composition of the differences, but there are many similarities. The following XK5040A CNC vertical lift milling machine as an example to introduce its composition. Ⅺ saw 040A CNC vertical lift milling machine with Ⅳ four 3MA CNC system, using all-digital AC servo drive. The machine consists of six main parts. The part of the bed, the milling part, the table part, the horizontal feed part, the elevator part, the cooling and lubrication part. Bed inside the layout is reasonable, with good rigidity, the base with four adjustment bolts, easy to adjust the level of the machine, cutting fluid tanker set in the machine seat inside. The

CNC milling in addition to ordinary milling machine with the characteristics of the following, there are the following characteristics:

Machining Center

Machining Center (6 sheets)

1, parts of the processing of strong adaptability, flexibility, and can be processed contour shape is particularly complex or difficult to control the size of the parts, such as mold parts, shell parts;

2, can be processed ordinary machine can not be processed or difficult to process the parts, such as the mathematical model described in the complex curve parts and three-dimensional surface parts of the surface;

3, can be processed once fixture positioning, the need for multi-channel processing of the parts;

4, the processing of high precision, stable and reliable processing quality, numerical control device pulse equivalent is generally 0.001mm, high-precision CNC system up to 0.1μm, in addition, CNC machining also avoid the operator's operational errors;

5, a high degree of automation, can reduce the operator's labor intensity. Is conducive to production management automation;

6, high production efficiency, CNC milling machine generally do not need to use special fixtures and other special process equipment, in the replacement of the workpiece only need to call stored in the CNC device processing procedures, clamping tools and adjust the tool data can be, thus greatly reducing the production cycle. Second, CNC milling machine with milling machine, boring machine, drilling machine function, so that a high degree of concentration, greatly improving the production efficiency. In addition, CNC milling machine spindle speed and feed speed are stepless speed change, it is conducive to select the best cutting amount;

CNC milling machine used in the tool to be processed parts according to the material, geometry, surface quality requirements, heat treatment status, cutting performance and processing margin, select the rigidity, high durability of the tool.

(1) cutter type selection

Depending on the geometry of the part being machined, the type of tool selected is:

1) In order to ensure that the cutting edge of the tool is tangent to the cutting point at the cutting point, and the cutting edge is prevented from interfering with the contour of the workpiece, the ball knife is used for roughing, Processing with four-blade cutter.

2) milling large plane: In order to improve production efficiency and improve the processing of surface roughness, the general use of blade mosaic disc cutter, as shown in Figure 5.

3) milling a small plane or step surface generally use a common milling cutter.

4) milling keyway, in order to ensure the size of the groove accuracy, generally with two-blade keyway cutter,

5) hole processing, can be used drill, boring tool and other hole processing class tool,

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