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How To Buy Engraving And Milling Machine
Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 06, 2017

How to buy engraving and milling machine

First, the nature of the work should be clearly defined

1. can not a engraving and milling machine to do all things, such as engraving and milling machine is in high speed, high precision and surface finish bright as the main feature, and the machining center is in heavy cutting, high rigidity as the main feature, so the processing of steel material or machining center will be better.

2. because even if the engraving and milling machine  good is not the worst of the machining center is determined by the rigid, engraving and milling machine casting structure and affect the use of electric spindle; however, processing of copper and aluminum electrodes or high finishing products should choose the engraving and milling machine. engraving and milling machine is also divided into different types of special machines, such as high light machine, glass engraving machine, graphite machine, shoe machine and other professional machine tools.

Two, according to their own products and processing requirements

1. should not think machine configuration is good, function better, should be based on the machine tool utilization benefit reasonable best; such as: product processing mold processing time will be longer, the tool change time is relatively long, so without the need for a knife to increase the cost to create the corresponding benefits.

2. if the tool change frequency is higher and the processing size is more, proposed to install the automatic tool storehouse, this will not only save the time, but also may reduce the manpower, saves the cost. In addition, should be based on their processed products, materials to determine the appropriate configuration.

3. according to the hardness of materials, may consider the use of different types or power of motorized spindle; according to the size of the processing products to choose the size of suitable models, and so on.

Three, brand quality, after-sales service

1, engraving and milling machine industry time. Select engraving and milling machine enterprises, to choose to engraving and milling machine industry for a long time, the quality of the machine, the production process of high demand enterprises. Choose large factories, because large manufacturers of machine quality management than small manufacturers good, high production process, the machine in use process, there is less probability of quality problems.

2, after-sales service on the machine. People must be sick, the machine must be a problem,  the problem can be solved in time. Don’t worry about the problem. find the manufacturer or Distribution Department, please technical staff to solve. In the use of the instructions in accordance with the operating methods used.

3 enterprises, large engraving machine, stable in terms of personnel, general research and development department, production department, sales department, customer service department, freight service department, there are certain technical depth, scientific production management, ensure the quality of machines, with the rest assured. In the engraving machine selection process, the company's strength is very important, therefore, choose large manufacturers, choose to guarantee.

In recent years, with the wide application of engraving and milling machine in parts processing industry, the engraving and milling machine has been promoting the development of engraving and milling machine technology. the market demand for more and more with knife engraving and milling machine, put forward higher requirements on the speed of engraving and milling machine tool, the straight knife with its low cost, simple and fast, the most popular, and also a wide bamboo hat type umbrella.

It is reported that engraving and milling machine mainly meet the mold copper processing, mainly in recent years, processing products increasingly wide range of applications. The mobile phone revolution accelerates the application of milling machine in the processing of product, but also put forward higher requirements for engraving and milling machine, especially for the installation of the knife needs the most obvious, engraving and milling machine tool technology will greatly expand the application of carving and milling machine in the field of product processing.

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