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Influence Factors Of Relay Reliability
Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

1. environmental effects on the reliability of relays: relay works in GB and highest mean time between failures under SF, to 820000h, and in the context of NU, 60000h[2 only].

2 quality effects on the reliability of relays: elected with A1 quality relays, mean time between failures of 3660000h, rather than grade c relays of mean time between failures is 110000, during which 33 times times, the quality level of the relay is a great influence on the reliability of .

3 touch points form on following electrical reliability of effect: following electrical of touch points form also will on its reliability produced effect, single throwing type following electrical of reliability are above same knife number of double throwing type following electrical, while with knife number of increased reliability gradually reduced, single single throwing following electrical of average fault interval time is four knife double throwing following electrical of 5.5 times times .

4 structure type effect on the reliability of relays: relay structures there are 24 and have an impact on the reliability of different types .

5 temperature effects on the reliability of relays: Relay operating temperature range between-25~70℃. As the temperature increases, the mean time between failure of the relay decreased .

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