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Introduction Of Small CNC Engraving Machine
Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 17, 2017

Small CNC engraving machine, is the use of PC direct digital control, can carry out high-precision three-dimensional free surface engraving.

Scope of application:

Small CNC engraving machine for printed circuit board engraving, three-dimensional text graphics carving, small precision molds processing, handicraft production, CAM CNC system teaching, science and other applications. After the transformation, but also the use of sewing machines in clothing, tablecloths, towels embroidered Chinese characters, graphics, for clothing sales, catering, bathing and other high-end services industry.

Market Quote Contrast:

Each small CNC engraving machine product processing costs about 3600 yuan, the circuit part of 400 yuan, the software cost (general text engraving machine) 100 yuan, 1 million yuan carving board. Each circuit board carving products sales 50,000 yuan (similar products 120,000); general text engraving machine 20,000.

CNC engraving machine is widely used, but after the failure of the problem, so many customers helpless. In general,CNC engraving machine spindle and other accessories will not be a problem, mostly due to improper operation caused by engraving machine damage, so learn how to control CNC engraving machine is the most important, in fact, many reasons as long as familiar with the engraving machine, Will soon be able to determine the cause of the failure.

1, the spindle does not work properly, first check the inverter LED display error code (see inverter manual error code entry).

2, three axes in a shaft can not move, then check the corresponding axis of the corresponding drive block is damaged. Check the method can be used to replace the fixed axis of the corresponding air plug unplugged in the other active shaft on the corresponding drive.

3, if the switch does not move the axis of normal, it can be explained that the corresponding drive block is damaged, you need to replace the drive block, if not move the axis or not to explain the cable or motor failure to replace the cable or motor. Three axes can not move, then check whether the three-axis aviation plug and control box is connected, the control box power is open, whether the data cable and the control box and the computer host control card connected. If the above are normal, please contact the engraving machine factory.

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