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Learn More And Master The Knowledge Of CNC Drilling Machine
Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 13, 2017

Among the many products on the site, one is more important, it is CNC drilling machine. So, its learning will continue. And, by constantly learning, we can come to supplement their knowledge in this area, so as to know and know more, so you can benefit from, and still the more the better. So, on the basis of these benefits, there is no reason why you should take it seriously and do not regret it.

1. Use the attention point

(1) the use of drilling environment, there should be no vibration and electromagnetic interference, and the temperature should not be too large.

(2) its power supply, but also has a corresponding use requirements, should be strictly abide by.

(3) the relevant operating personnel to be trained, to posts, so as not to damage the equipment.

(4) the use of equipment, maintenance, etc., should be a good record for later check.

2. CNC system maintenance

(1) strictly abide by and implement the requirements, do routine maintenance work.

(2) to avoid the dust into the CNC device, because it will make the insulation resistance between components down, and then failure, or even damage the components.

(3) the voltage of the CNC system, etc., should always be viewed, whether it is within the specified rated range, whether there are abnormalities.

3. Pneumatic system maintenance

(1) compressed air, there should be no moisture and impurities. For pneumatic components, etc., to regularly check and replace.

(2) work pressure to adjust to the appropriate, but also pay attention to the system's sealing performance to maintain good.

(3) pay attention to the oil mist oil supply, should be sufficient, the amount of time to add.

The above three points of knowledge in the CNC Drilling Machine is very important aspect. Therefore, we hope that we can understand and master the time, and can be used in practice in practice.

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