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Minsheng Machinery To Carry Out A Comprehensive Cool To Send Condolences Activities
Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

In summer, the scorching sun, Ningbo issued a red alert, the highest temperature has exceeded 40 degrees celsius.

In the hot summer heat, Min Sheng Machinery all the staff wore high temperature, braved the heat, still stick in the first post, never complain. In order to express the respect and care for staff, recently, Ningbo MinSheng Machinery Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "MinSheng Machinery") leaders to carry out a comprehensive summer cool to send condolences activities for the staff sent to the mineral water, bean soup and other cool items.


                For all the staff sent to the mineral water, mung bean soup and other cool things


In the MinSheng Machinery production workshop, business leaders carefully told staff to pay attention to the body, to prevent colds, heat stroke, while encouraging everyone to be brave enough to overcome difficulties, and work hard to achieve the new rise of enterprises. Leadership meticulous care, so that MinSheng Machinery workers feel a cool and sincere concern.

Actively improve the production and living conditions of workers, and earnestly safeguard the hot weather the staff's health and life safety, timely Fangshujiangwen, ensure the enterprise staff cool summer. All along, people always pay attention to the staff of life MinSheng Machinery, through the "send cool activities, the heart of the workers together, morale up, let the staff feel the enterprise to create love, full of youthful spirit, positive, bold and innovative workforce, to further promote the sustainable development of enterprises.



Care for the leadership of subordinates, the strong technical team and the contingent of fearless staff...... This is the powerful momentum of the continuous rise of MinSheng machinery. 17 years, MinSheng Machinery always adhere to the "people I have, I have all the people around me, the new, new people I am fine" spirit of innovation, and constantly develop CNC product design a more perfect structure, function more complete, and made great contributions to the economy and the development of Ningbo city.

Now, in the machine tool market gradually pick up the good situation, MinSheng Machinery all employees do not forget the beginning of the heart, unity and progress, to crack one after another technical problems, and achieved one after another research results. In the future, MinSheng Machinery will keep pace with the times, people-oriented, and constantly strengthen the ranks of staff and workers, and once again write a new chapter in enterprise development.

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