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Points For Attention In Application Of Stepping Motor
Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

1, the application of stepping motor in low speed applications---speed up to 1000 revolutions per minute, (0.9 degrees 6666PPS), preferably in 1000-3000PPS (0.9 degrees) can be through deceleration devices to work here, high efficiency, low noise;

2, best not to use the full State of stepping motor, full State vibration;

3, due to historical reasons, only outside the motor use 12V standard 12V voltage, motor voltage value is not a driving voltage v value, you can select driving voltage depending on drive (recommended: 57BYG DC 24V-36V,86BYG DC 50V,110BYG above 80V DC), of course, except 12 volt voltage 12V constant voltage drives can also be used the other driver, but taking into account the temperature rise;

4, large loads should choose a larger frame size motor moment of inertia;

5: motor at speed or with high inertia loads, generally not work starting, instead of gradually rising speed, motor losing step, and can reduce the noise at the same time improving positioning accuracy of stop;

6, high precision, through mechanical deceleration, the motor speed or drive of the fine fraction is used to resolve, or 5-phase motor, but the entire system is more expensive, fewer suppliers, its being eliminated is a lay language;

7: motor should not work in vibration area, if it must be by changing the voltage, current, or add some damping solutions;

8: motor 600PPS (0.9 degrees), low current, high inductance and low voltage should be used to drive;

9, should follow the first principle of selected motor of the selected drive.

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