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Relay Component Symbols
Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

Because the relay is made up of coil and contact group consists of two parts, graphical symbols for diagrams of the relay consists of two parts: a rectangular box represents coil grouping a set of touch-point symbol represents the point. When contacts are not much when the circuit is relatively simple, often painting the coil box set of contacts on one side, this technique called focused representation.

Electrical symbols and contact form:

Relay coil symbol with a rectangular box in the circuit, if the relay has two coils, you draw two parallel rectangular box. Also in the rectangular box in or next to the rectangular box labeled text relay symbol "j". The contacts of the relay has two methods: one is to draw directly on one side of the rectangular box, this notation is more intuitive. Another is connected according to the circuit needs, contact pictures to separate control of each circuit, usually in the same relay contact noted separately from the coil next to the same symbols and numbers on the contact group, to differentiate.

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