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Talking About How To Give Full Play To The Function Of CNC Milling Machine
Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 23, 2017

CNC milling machine is developed on the basis of ordinary machine tools, because it has good flexibility, high processing accuracy and stability, can process complex parts, reduce the labor intensity and easy to achieve modern management and a series of advantages, the current In the machinery manufacturing industry has been widely used.

In 1946 the birth of the world's first computer, so that human into the information society, six years later, the computer technology used in the machine, since then, the traditional machine tool has produced a fundamental change, half a century later, CNC milling machine Two stages and six generations of development. Especially in 1970, GM's small computer industry began to develop, the calculation speed increased significantly, so it was transplanted to the core components of CNC system, from the computer numerical control (CNC) stage, until now the sixth generation, based on PC Machine CNC machine tools.

With the development of computer technology, CNC machine tool technology has also been developed accordingly, the continuous use of computer, control theory of the latest technological achievements, its performance is improving, more and more applications, in order to meet the new market demand, the new Demand, the current world of CNC technology and its equipment is moving towards the following characteristics:

1) high speed, high efficiency, high precision and engage in reliability development. Which high speed reflected in the spindle high speed,

High feed speed, high operating speed and high tool change speed.

2) modular, intelligent, flexible and integrated.

3) openness.

4) a new generation of CNC machining technology and equipment.

Improve the speed of CNC milling machine unit time CNC machine tool actual operating time we call the dynamic rate, only to increase the NC machine tool time to efficiently play the role of CNC machine tools. And to improve the dynamic rate must be as much as possible to reduce the processing time of the auxiliary time, which is related to the use of technical methods. In general, the focus is to solve the following questions.

1 programming is the main work of CNC milling machine processing of multi-species single-piece small batch production mode, we are based on two aspects of understanding If the manual programming on the machine, it is necessary to frequently modify the replacement process, affecting the machine real time. And all CNC milling machines are equipped with standard 8232 communication interface, it can be set up in the production site computer center, so that computer and machine tools using communication software to achieve communication and online control, processing methods all by the technical staff in the computer to modify the inspection, Direct delivery to the machine for processing, to reduce the occupation of the machine to modify the test program and other auxiliary time. After the joint control, CNC machine real time can be increased by 40%.

After the completion of the mouthpiece movement, the core 1 moves upwards. The roller 2 releases the inner surface of the rotor 4. And then remove the lower cover 3 and the rotor 4 which are completed by the nozzle opening 4. If the workpiece of different size or shape is to be machined, the size or shape of the roll mold 2 and the core 1 can be changed. In this paper, the database is managed by the database. The retrieval process is carried out, and the data management is carried out. It provides a convenient means for the retrieval of the program. It has proved that this greatly improves the programming. Speed and correctness.

2 to improve the processing accuracy and improve the process of CNC machine tools have a lot of constraints, processing of finished products can achieve the required processing accuracy, CNC equipment can be considered more difficult than ordinary machine tools.

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