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Technical Characteristics Of CNC Milling Machine
Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2017

Around the quality, efficiency and process requirements, China's machinery manufacturing process equipment - mainly CNC equipment in the technical level has undergone profound changes. CNC Milling Machine tools are constantly enriched, using the process, process centralized and composite technology; machine tools in the layout and application of new materials have a new development; CNC technology in the open, intelligent, network, high-speed high-precision aspects Made a new development. Its purpose is to improve production efficiency, improve accuracy, ensure quality and maximize efficiency.

Constant pursuit of high quality and high efficiency is the eternal theme and goal of mechanical manufacturing research, is to promote the development of its technology and equipment source. Process requirements and changes are the basis and basis for the development and innovation of machinery manufacturing process equipment technology.

Domestic CNC milling machine has gone through 50 years of development of the long process, in the past 10 years has been rapid development, in particular, has been the government's attention, set up a major technical research special, effectively promote the development of CNC machine tools.

At present, the domestic CNC milling machine for more than 1,500 varieties, covering the CNC metal cutting machine tools, CNC sheet metal processing machine tools (CNC punching machine tools, CNC laser processing machine tools, flame cutting machine tools), CNC machining machine tools, industrial robots, Measuring machines, etc., basically complete category. 2010 CNC metal cutting machine holdings of about 1.5 million units (of which more than 400,000 units imported), only the annual output of metal cutting machine tools more than 16 million units, from January to October 2011 totaled 21.8 million units, the year Can reach about 25 million units. Domestic brands CNC milling machine number and value of the domestic market accounted for more than 50%. On behalf of the advanced level of technology five-axis linkage and composite processing centers, CNC systems and other ancillary technology products have also made new progress. This paper focuses on the development of numerical control technology and the gap to discuss.

What are the technical characteristics of CNC machine tools? CNC machine tools in the processing accuracy, automation, production efficiency, labor intensity and other aspects of ordinary machine can not match the advantages, but the purchase of CNC machine tools, especially large-scale CNC machine tools are high, often so many users look timid, especially Developing countries such as China have limited funding, so most machinery factories want to buy and can not afford CNC machine tools.

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