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The Overall Maintenance And Maintenance Of CNC Drilling Machine
Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 23, 2017

CNC drilling machine structure CNC drilling machine is also by the spindle box, tool holder, feed drive system, bed, hydraulic system, cooling system, lubrication system and some of the composition, only CNC drilling machine feed system and horizontal drilling machine feed system There are essentially differences in planning. Horizontal drilling machine spindle movement through the wheel frame, feed box, slip box box to the knife, to complete the vertical and horizontal feed movement. The CNC drilling machine is the use of servo motor, the ball screw spread to the skateboard and knife, to complete the z (vertical) and set (horizontal) feed movement. CNC drilling machine is also a variety of thread function, spindle rotation and turret movement between the movement through the NC system to control. CNC drilling machine spindle box equipment with pulse encoder, the spindle movement through the synchronous toothed belt 1 1 to the pulse encoder. When the spindle rotates, the pulse encoder will announce the detection of the pulse signal to the CNC system, so that the rotation of the spindle motor and cutting the cutting of the tool holder to maintain the thread required to contact the movement, that is, when the processing thread to complete the rotation of the spindle Z Move the workpiece to a lead.

(1) bed and rail planning. CNC drilling machine bed guide rail and the relative position of the horizontal plane, a total of four kinds of planning methods.

Horizontal bed of the I art is good, easy to track the processing. Horizontal bed with a level of equipment can reduce the speed of the knife lance can be used for large CNC drilling machine or small CNC drilling machine planning. However, the level of the lower part of the bed space, resulting in difficult chip. From the planning scale point of view, the horizontal position of the turret makes the skateboard transverse scale longer, thus increasing the drilling width of the direction of the planning scale.

The level of bed with skewed skateboards and equipped with skew-type rail shields of the planning approach, on the one hand, there are horizontal bed technical good features; the other hand, the width of the direction of the drilling machine than the horizontal level of the skateboard is small, and Chip removal is convenient.

Horizontal bed with skewed skateboard and skewed bed equipment Sliding skateboard planning method is widely used in small and medium-sized CNC drilling machine. This is because the two planning methods of chip removal is simple, the chip will not accumulate on the rail, but also facilitate the equipment active chip conveyor; easy to operate, easy to manipulate the robot to complete the stand-alone initiative; drilling area covers an area of small, Beautiful, simple to complete the closed protection.

The angle of the skewed rails can be 30. , 45. , 60. , 75. And 90. (Known as vertical bed) and so on several. Skew point of view is small, chip is not convenient; skew point of view, guide the guide is poor, the force situation is also poor. The size of the track skewed view will also directly affect the ratio of the height and width of the contour. In summary, consider the above elements, small and medium standard CNC drilling machine, the bed of the skew to 60. Is appropriate

(2) turret planning. CNC drilling machine tool holder is an important part of the drilling machine, the knife is used to hold the cutting tool, so its plan directly affects the cutting performance and cutting power, to a certain extent, the knife plan and performance of the NC Drilling machine planning and manufacturing level. With the continuous development of CNC drilling machine, tool holder planning innovation, but overall can be divided into two categories, that is, row knife-type knife and turret turret. Some of the middle of the turning also used with the knife of the active tool change device.

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