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The Steps Of Programming Process Of CNC Milling Machine
Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

According to the principle of CNC machining, according to the requirements of the workpiece processing drawings to consider the overall, with the CNC milling machine to edit the format specified in accordance with the order of operation of the processing program input, it can be seen in the preparation of numerical control procedures at the same time, Necessary.

1. To determine the process, CNC milling machine and ordinary machine tool processing is very similar, through the analysis of the workpiece, specify the processing route, select the processing process, select the machine tools, fixtures and tools. Determine the device baseline position and the amount of cutting. The difference is that CNC machine tools require programming of the operating process.

2. Calculate the tool coordinate values. In order to facilitate programming and calculation of tool path coordinates. It is necessary to first calculate the workpiece coordinates and the size and shape of the parts to determine the entire machining path of the tool.

3. Write the program, for simple parts can be manually written procedures, and for complex processing of the workpiece need to use automatic programming to operate.

4. Program to the NC system input, the program will enter the knife CNC system a lot of ways, mainly CNC control system to complete the operation panel, the computer can also be connected to the CNC system interface, through the computer input program.

5. Comprehensive inspection of the program. Through the graphic function of the shadow display or CNC milling machine equipment to run the air run to check the machine running trajectory, check whether the tool movement in line with the requirements, you can also step by step procedures for cutting, through the program to detect the steps of this problem should be timely deal with.

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