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What Are The Economic CNC Milling Machines?
Ningbo Minsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2017

First, what is the economic CNC milling machine

What is the economic CNC milling machine? Economical CNC milling machine are perhaps synonymous with cheap CNC milling machine in the eyes of many customers, but in fact we are talking about the economical CNC milling machine that are more often said of small CNC milling machine. Small CNC milling machine is CNC milling machine in the smaller CNC milling machine collectively, are generally VMC850 following CNC milling machine, there are some common VMC850 CNC milling machine is also summarized as a small CNC milling machine, but these aspects are a matter of opinion.

Small CNC milling machine are VMC650,550,460,420,330 these are the most common. These small CNC milling machine can be called economical CNC milling machine. Many customers believe that these small CNC milling machine performance is not how, in fact not the case. People on the small CNC milling machine will always exist such a misunderstanding, because of its small trip, not suitable for processing larger parts, that the small CNC milling machine function is not strong. But in fact small CNC milling machine is dedicated to the processing of small parts of the milling machine, and large CNC milling machine compared to the two are not the same positioning, in fact, no way to compare.

China's CNC milling machine in terms of product categories, technical level, quality and production have made great progress in some key technologies have also made a major breakthrough. According to statistics, there are currently available in the market of 1500 CNC machine tools, covering almost the entire metal cutting machine varieties and the main types of forging machinery. Wide field, with Japan, Germany, the United States keep pace. This marks the domestic CNC machine tools have entered a period of rapid development.

CNC milling machine development trend is relatively slow

In recent years, China's machine tool industry has continuously assumed the task of providing high-level CNC equipment for national key projects and national defense and military construction. Such as the domestic XNZD2415 CNC gantry hybrid machine fully absorb the parallel machine tool configuration flexibility and diversity and the advantages of the traditional machine tool processing range, through the two degrees of freedom parallel quadrilateral parallel mechanism to form the basic gantry, in the parallel platform with two degrees of freedom in series structure A, C axis swing angle milling head, together with the longitudinal movement of the table, can be completed five degrees of freedom of movement. The configuration is the international initiative. Based on the RT-Linux development of a numerical control system with real-time and reliability, in the same network with multiple PLC connected to control the machine's five-axis linkage, to achieve man-machine dialogue. The working space of the machine is 4.5mx1.6mx1.2m, the A-axis angle is ± 1050, the C-axis continuous angle is 0-4000, the spindle speed (stepless) is 10000r / min, and the positioning accuracy is ± 0.01mm, which can realize three-dimensional Hydraulic turbine blade, guide vane of the five - axis linkage high - speed machining.

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