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  • High Precision Machine Dro 2 Axis EASSON Digital Readout
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    High Precision Machine Dro 2 Axis EASSON Digital Readout

    Specifications Digital readout Specialization design,multy function Good after-sales service Easy to install Warranty install in the Lathe machine, milling machine, grinding machine, EDM and so on. 1.Packing: Hard paper cartons,scalses and linears are packed saperately....
  • Normal Water Cabin
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    Normal Water Cabin

    filter water case Specifications 1.Strong function for filtration 2.Easy to assembly 3.Safety 4.Energy-saving High Efficiency Water Filter Case 1.pressure filter series,with high purifying function. 2.Super bio filter,it can increase the filter water. 3.Additional UV...
  • Water Filter System
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    Water Filter System

    Water filter system We have double and single filter for water filter system for available.
  • Air Filter Cartridge
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    Air Filter Cartridge

    Pleated Polyester Dust Collector Air Filter Cartridge Descriptions Air supply system filter element,applicable to normal temperature, humidity and general air filtration, to filter solid particle and slimes in medium and effectively control cleanliness. Dust collection filter...
  • EDM Wire Cutting HF Softeware
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    EDM Wire Cutting HF Softeware

    EDM wire cutting softeware HF(V7.0) can run in two mode conventional and expanded. We can select mode in main menu [system parameter]. As long as not working in processing state, we can switch mode conveniently. 1. Usually, working under 'expanded mode', some...
  • 7500 Watt 12V Power Home Inverter
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    7500 Watt 12V Power Home Inverter

    Inverter Compact size and less weight. Combined module for 3.7kw or below with high reliability. Reasonable layout with less interference and better ventilation. Combined module with perfect reliability. 3 control modes available: VF control, sensorless vector control, torque...
  • Tapper Head
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    Tapper Head

    The tapper head has advantages: quick change of spindle position precise positioning of the spindle during machining rotation of just the operating spindle compact design The pendulum head can carry out the following machining: drilling also with shaped tools spot facing...
  • High Reliability Energy Saving Control Mode Relay
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    High Reliability Energy Saving Control Mode Relay

    relay: Pump and Fan, Conveyor, Compressor, Main shaft of CNC, Central air-conditioner, Ball mill machine,Fountain etc R&D Capacity: Quality and R & D is the key to sustainable development of enterprise vitality. With a strong technical force in the R & D team,...
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